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Tiara on a cushion cake

Written by Emma

Nathalie, a friend of mine, hasa for nickname "princesse", so for a 32nd birthday, the surprise was to prepare a cake in the shape of a cushion with a tiara on top. It is a strawberry cake with a strawberry buttercream made with fresh strawberries :

gâteau de coussin avec couronne de princesse


Star Wars Cake

Written by Emma

Matheo is a young Star Wars fan :

So he needed a cake with his favorite caracters from the trilogy:

Dark Vador, Yoda, R2D2 and C-3PO :

Star wars cake yoda dark vador

 Star Wars yoda cake

Star Wars R2D2 cake

Star Wars Dark vador cake


Witch Cake

Written by Emma

For her birthday party, my daughter Chloe decided that she will have a

Witch cake.

Her friends were not too surprise as she already told them all about it.

Gateau sorcière décor 3D



Cake decoration:

a cat

spiders and webs

all done in sugar paste,

without forgetting

the famous broom !


Holly Cake (Little Kingdom)

Written by Emma

Clemence, 5 years old, love the cartoon Little Kingdom, especially Holly.

Here is her cake :